MARINA QUINTA DO LORDE has state-of-the-art facilities in which it offers a wide variety of services that seek to contribute to the care and safety of the vessels, as well as the comfort of customers.

24×7 video surveillance
Canteen for workers
Guard and custody of vessels
Pressure water and application of antifouling
Auxiliary mooring facilities
Water and electricity supply
Wi-fi service
Clothing and shower service
Warehouse spaces
Roping services
Auxiliary boat to support docking maneuvers
Boat mooring and unmooring service
Services at marina
  • Exclusive parking for clients
  • Own fuel refueling station
  • Self-Service Laundry
  • Sale and replacement of gas cylinders
  • Selective waste collection on the pontoons
  • Nautical shop and specialized repair shop
  • Grocery and supplies store
  • Access ramp to the sea
  • Storage and custody of luggage for crews
  • Boat slipway with Travelift for large boats, less than a mile away
  • Quinta do Lorde is the first stop for boaters arriving from the Canary Islands or Portugal, and is also strategically located just 22 nautical miles from the beautiful island of Porto Santo.
    The entrance to Marina Quinta do Lorde is easy to access and without obstacles, with an adequate draft. If assistance is required during the port entry maneuver, the sailors team is available to provide support using the motor boat.
Communication with the port
  • VHF 09/16
    You must contact the port before arrival.
    By calling VHF ch.09, sailors will come to receive and assist new ship entries,
    indicating the location of the Captaincy and other relevant information.
Captaincy Schedule
  • From Mondays to Sundays: 09.00 – 19.00 H
Fuel station Service hours
  • From Mondays to Sundays: 09:00 – 18:00 H


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