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The website is owned by QUINTA DO LORDE – Promoção e Exploração de Empreendimentos Desportivos e Turísticos, S.A., shareholding company located at Sítio da Piedade - Caniçal, inscribed in Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Machico, under the single registration and corporation number 511083149, with EUR 5.000.004,95 of social capital.




Terms of Booking

These general conditions “terms of use” rule and are an integral part of the services agreement established through the website www.quintadolorde.pt (site) between QUINTA DO LORDE – Promoção e Exploração de Empreendimentos Desportivos e Turísticos, S.A., shareholding company located at Sítio da Piedade - Caniçal, inscribed in Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Machico, under the single registration and corporation number 511083149, with EUR 5.000.004,95 of social capital (name) and the client that subscribes the agreement (client), which has as object the provision of tourist accommodation booking (accommodation) and respective tourist services, in holiday resorts, accommodation, in general, in hotels (hotel) and yet, when agreed, associated transport services ("Transportation") or other tourist services requested by the Client to Quinta do Lorde, sold or offered to the client as a Tourist Travel or Travel Package ("Agreement").


For agreement purposes the "Tourist Travel" means a trip that combines at least two of the following services: Accommodation, Transportation, or tourist services not dependent of the aforementioned. And "Travel Package" means the Tourist Travel sold or offered for an inclusive price, when it exceeds more than twenty-four hours or includes an overnight stay.


The Agreement celebration, which occurs after the booking confirmation on the Site, is made in accordance with these Terms, whose knowledge and acceptance by the Client are manifested through the validation box on the booking form.


1. During the booking process the costumer must correctly fill the form. He is responsible for the choices made and the information given must be complete, true and updated.


1.1. With the booking process finished, the costumer get’s a code, which must be used in every contact with Quinta do Lorde. After payment the costumer acquires the right to Quinta do Lorde travel services, in the terms and conditions described in the relevant proof of booking and in the Agreement.


1.2. Regarding accommodation booking only, the Customer is fully responsible for obtaining and/or hiring means of transport in order to enjoy Quinta do Lorde services, without prejudice to Quinta do Lorde, the costumer can also hire the service autonomously (if available and if Quinta do Lorde accepts).


1.3. By the same mean, the Costumer assumes full responsibility for the possession of the required documentation for country entrance; (as identification cards, authorizations; visas and vaccine certifications), the costumer must inform himself about this when he books accommodation only.


1.4. The Package Travel is organized by Quinta do Lorde, unless otherwise expressly result of the travel program.


1.5. Given the existing schemes and special rates for children, depending on age, service and dates of travel, among other factors. Quinta do Lorde advises its customers to inform themselves before booking.


1.6. We do not refund for goods and/or services, available but not enjoyed.



  1. The Hotel and Accommodation features are the ones listed in the booking summary. However, since the pictures were not taken on the day of booking, substantial differences may exist between the picture and reality at the time of the services enjoyment contracted by the Costumer, which does not give the costumer the right to any arrangement modifications.
  2. The prices shown in the website are per room, but may be submitted per person or on the basis of other features, which in any case will be clearly shown on the website when booking. In case you book for a larger number of people manning normal accommodation, you may need to place an extra bed, which may not have the same comfort and quality accommodation to other beds, reducing its usable area.
  3. The food fare and its specificities are communicated through the website when booking.
  4. If nothing is mentioned, the fare does not include any meal. When traveling with meals included fare, these not include the ones that match the flight duration, transportation to and from the airport, or waiting for flight connections.
  5. The group, category and name of the hotel of the accommodation are determined by the applicable legislation of the host state.
  6. If the costumer presents himself accompanied with more people than those indicated in booking form, the Hotel can refuse their entry, a situation in which Quinta do Lorde cannot be held responsible.
  7. Towards an overbooking situation (more bookings than accommodation available), the costumer expressly acknowledges and agrees that Quinta do Lorde can host him in another Hotel of the same category (in any case ensuring that the quality of the accommodation provided is not inferior to the accommodation booked) at no additional cost for the Customer, and therefore, entitled to pay any compensation or to cancel the arrangement.
  8. As rule, the accommodation can be used from 2 p.m. on arrival and must be free by 12:00 a.m. on departure day (in both cases, by local time). Staying in beyond the time of departure practiced may lead to the payment of additional amounts.
  9. If the Customer fails to appear at the hotel until 23:59 p.m. the entry indicated on proof of booking, the Hotel can disregard the booking and sell the Accommodation to a third, situation in which Quinta do Lorde cannot be held responsible.
  10. The Customer must comply with the rules of use of the Hotel, if they exist. Quinta do Lorde cannot be held responsible for clients losses when they don’t act according to the rules.
  11. Benefits; campaigns and discounts

2.1. Depending on the agreements made by Quinta do Lorde with third ("Partners"), the client may have access to discounts and special rates ("Benefits"), if the costumer is fully legitimized by the Partner to obtain benefits and uses his identifying number correctly.

Quinta do Lorde reserves the right to contact the partner to obtain confirmation as to the applicability of a Customer Benefit.
2.2. In addition to the foregoing, Quinta do Lorde can communicate on the Site, with temporally limited scope or not, specific campaigns ("Campaigns") and discounts ("Discount") on reservations.


2.3. The following conditions are applied to Benefits, Campaigns and Discounts:

  1.  For the benefit of certain offers and/or discounts can be requested with the introduction of a promotional code ("Promotional Code") or the prepayment of the booking;
  2. Benefits, Discounts and Campaigns are subject of availability;
  3. Quinta do Lorde reserves the right to cancel the benefits, campaigns and/or discounts or reject a Promotional Code when the total value of Promotional Codes exceeds a certain financial value or when they are used fraudulently (eg, by whom is not the holder / beneficiary);
  4. Benefits, Discounts and Campaigns are only valid for reservations made through the Site and are not transferable to third;
  5. In case of cancellation or non-use of a reservation made under a benefit, campaign or discount, you will not be refunded the amount of the benefit, campaign or discount, nor guarantee its reapplication in another reservation;
  6. Existing amendment, by the Customer, the features and/or ownership of a reservation made under a benefit, campaign or discount, may lose the benefit/privilege granted by booking, applying the provisions, in case of withdrawal, in section 10;
  7. The use of fraudulent mechanisms for obtaining benefits, campaigns or discounts, makes the Customer responsible in general terms and gives Quinta do Lorde the right to choose between (a) the application of the rate without discount and (b) the resolution of the agreement, equating to this resolution, for the consequences that arise, the resolution of the agreement by the Customer under clause 10.1, without prejudice to the right of Quinta do Lorde to be indemnified for all damages suffered;
  8. Quinta do Lorde reserves the right to cancel and/or change at any time, campaigns and discounts.
    3. Changes

3.1. You can change your Package Travel booking under the following conditions:


Ownership: You can assign the booking by giving notice to Quinta do Lorde in writing at least 7 days prior to the departure date of travel or accommodation entry. In any case, the transferor and transferee are jointly liable for the payment of price and additional charges generated by assignment;

Other changes: Any other booking changes other than those referred in the previous paragraph, require the express consent of Quinta do Lorde, implying changes in the price and/or be subject of payment of fees, calculated according to the type of reservation, the date of change and the applicable fare.


3.2. It applies to changes requested by the Client to any bookings made through the Site.


3.3. Quinta do Lorde can apply changes to a Travel Package booked by the Client within 20 days before the scheduled date for departure indicated in the proof of booking, if the change focus exclusively on the price and if it results of the rising cost of transport or fuel, taxes or fees chargeable or fluctuations.




4.1.The Customer must pay the indicated amount on the booking form as a condition to take advantage of booking agreement.


4.2. The payment can be done by the Customer

  1.  at the Site, at the time of booking
  2.  at the Hotel on the date of entry (if this mode is available for the type of booking made by the client).
    4.3. If the costumer chooses to pay at the booking moment, it must do so through his credit card ownership within the list of issuers with which the Quinta do Lorde collaborates and are available on the booking form and payment is accepted by the Quinta do Lorde within the limits allowed by it’s issuers.
    4.4. Alternatively, if the customer wishes to pay the booking at the Hotel, he may do so, according the Hotel permissions, for that mean, he must inform himself about the payment methods accepted. Nevertheless, when booking you will be requested the credit card number, for reservation guarantee, Quinta do Lorde will only charge you, if:

- Two days before arrival, without any cancellation tax.

- Less then two days before arrival, one night cancellation tax

- Early departure – full stay payment

The credit card information given by the customer is protected by Verisign under the Privacy Policy of Quinta do Lorde.



5.1. When you have booked, you may at any time withdraw and terminate the Agreement, if you inform Quinta do Lorde up to 48 hours before the departure date indicated on the proof of booking, in which case you are entitled to the return of the amount paid by booking.

- Less then two days before arrival, one night cancellation tax

- No show, three nights cancellation tax

- Early departure – full stay payment



6.1. All communications or notifications under the agreement must be made using the information provided by you through the online booking form. Any change of Customer´s data and, also, any communication or notification by Customer to Quinta do Lorde shall be done through the following contacts,


The confidentiality of the personal information of our customers is paramount to Quinta do Lorde.
1.Collecting and processing user data

There are several circumstances where we request personal data from a user ("User") which is hosted in www.quintadolorde.pt website ("Site"), ie, information necessary to identify or contact the user ("Personal Data"): When making a reservation, website registration, newsletter subscription, become a member of our loyalty programs send us a contact request for conference or event for your company, or when you send us the application form spontaneously or requested. The personal data collected and processed consist of information regarding the name, address, email, gender, birth date, address, phone number, credit card information and number of identity document.
Thus, the entity responsible for the collection of personal data is:

  1. Whenever the collection of personal data is carried out under a reservation, QUINTA DO LORDE – Promoção e Exploração de Empreendimentos Desportivos e Turísticos, S.A., shareholding company located at Sítio da Piedade - Caniçal, inscribed in Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Machico, under the single registration and corporation number 511083149, with EUR 5.000.004,95 of social capital
  2. In all situations of the collection of personal data other than the one described in the previous paragraph QUINTA DO LORDE – Promoção e Exploração de Empreendimentos Desportivos e Turísticos, S.A., shareholding company located at Sítio da Piedade - Caniçal, inscribed in Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Machico, under the single registration and corporation number 511083149, with EUR 5.000.004,95 of social capital, Use and purpose of processing user data.
  3. Use of the user personal data

Personal Data will only be used for booking, for your convenience in simplifying the process of booking in case you are a registered customer, for your information of the promotions and information from Quinta do Lorde (if you subscribe to our newsletter), and Finally, statistical analyses for marketing exclusive use of Quinta do Lorde.


We also identify technical information from your computer when you visit the pages of our site, such as IP (Internet Protocol) address, operating system and browser type ("Usability Information"). We use this information to improve the quality of your visit to our site, and we do not disseminate to outside parties without your consent.


The Usability of Information and Personal Data are referred in this Privacy Policy as "User Data".

The User Data collected by Quinta do Lorde is not shared with third parties without your consent, except sharing that is stated in the Privacy Policy and for which it provides its consent for acceptance of the Privacy Policy.


Quinta do Lorde reserves the right to transmit any User Data, in the event of sale or transfer of all or part of its business or its assets.

Occurring a transmission of User Data to third parties, we will make reasonable efforts to which the transferee use the User Data collected in a manner consistent with our Privacy Policy.


  1. Access to personal data

If you wish to access your Personal Information, you access your costumer area.

  1. Rectification of personal data

The User has the right to request, at any time, the rectification of their personal data, whether through their User Account, is, in particular, in terms of the Privacy Policy.
5. Security of user data

To ensure the security of User Data and maximum confidentiality, we manage the information you provided in an absolutely secret in accordance with our internal policies and procedures for security and confidentiality.


Whenever you are prompted for credit card information, this communication is done via secure online SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) when you are using a SSL enabled browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.


We also use SSL on all pages where personal information is requested, which means that your information is sent over the Internet in encrypted form. You can check if it is in Safe Mode when you see a padlock or key icon in the lower right or lower left corner of your screen. Additionally, you can see that the first characters of the site url will be "https", indicating that you are accessing a secure server.


However, the User Data may travel on the network without security and could be viewed and / or used by unauthorized third parties for the purpose. If this occurs, Quinta do Lorde is not responsible for the theft, destruction or dissemination of User Data.


  1. Cookies use

When you visit our Site, a small text file (Cookie) is created and saved in your disc. This file, will recognize it, and will allow you a greater ease and speed of access, as well as customizing the Site according to your preferences.

Most browsers automatically accept these files (cookies), but you can delete them or have them automatically refused, in the "Help"menu. However, the case does not allow the use of cookies may be some features you cannot use.


  1. Privacy Policy Changes

Quinta do Lorde reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time.

  1.  Contact and output right

In case you need to:
(i)  Put questões / complaints related with the Privacy Policy;

  1. Rectify your data Pessoais;
  2. Fail to receive business correspondence, including emails, the fifth of the Lord;
  3. Withdraw your consent to the sharing of their personal Data with others, you can doing it through the email reservations@quintadolorde.pt
    - Applicable law and jurisdiction

The Privacy Policy as well as the User Data collection, processing or transmitting, are ruled by the applicable laws of the Portuguese Republic.
Any disputes arising from the validity, interpretation or execution of the Privacy Policy, or relating to the collection, processing or transmitting User Data must be submitted exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts of the district, subject to the legal norms applicable mandatory.


All questions submitted by holders of booking will be duly answered, exclusively by e-mail, within no more than two days,
9. Warranties
Disclaimer of Warranties

To the extent permitted by applicable law, services are provided "as is" and "as available" (as is and the available) and Quinta do Lorde does not provide any kind of warranty.

For the same, in particular, Quinta do Lord doesn’t assures that

  1. The use of services meets the needs or expectations;
  2. The use of the services will not be interrupted, or that is timely secure or error free.
  3. Any information obtained, resulting from the use of services is accurate or reliable.
  4. The defects, if any, in the operation or functionality of any software provided as part of the Services will be corrected.

Contact our reservations centre through e-mail before the arrival date indicated on the proof of booking.



11.1. The General Conditions shall apply only to booking travel services made through the Site and is a complement to any special conditions agreed in writing between the Costumer and Quinta do Lorde regarding the subject matter of the booking or referred to in a specific site for a specific product or service, including proof of booking ("Conditions"), which are also part of the agreement.


11.2. The provisions in the Schedule prevails in case of conflict, over the General Conditions, superseding both written especially any additional stipulations agreed between the Customer and the Quinta do Lorde and signed by both, forming part of the agreement.


11.3. Concluded the Agreement, this may be amended only by written document signed by the Client and the Quinta do Lorde, which happens to be part of that.


11.4. The provisions of these Terms may be changed at any time by Quinta do Lorde for future legal relationships, without notice. As such, whenever you make a reservation, and that often use the Site, you should read them in full.


    The Agreement is governed by the Portuguese laws for the resolution of any disputes regarding the validity, celebration, performance, breach, termination or interpretation of the Agreement is the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court, subject to mandatory statutory provisions.
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